Customer Spotlight: Shoppe 14

Janette and John, the husband and wife team at Shoppe 14 on New London’s Main Street, landed here while taking a risk. They didn’t know the community, they had simply learned this was the town for Shoppe 14, because of a realtor’s advice. This was a leap of faith, but one they made with a lot of positive information our steadfast and growing small business community.

Janette is a Minnesota girl at heart, having grown up here, but had lived in California and mostly Ohio for many years. Returning home was in the cards when Janette’s parents began to age. Coming back was the best thing to do when her dad passed away, and choosing a town was part of that homecoming to be closer to her mother.

New London received a gift in the decision Janette and John made to add Shoppe 14 to our fantastic and eclectic business community!


Today, over two and a half years after the big move, they haven’t looked back. In fact, with John’s help, Janette has taken over twenty-four years of experience as a shop owner in Ohio, and grown Shoppe 14 into something they could not have predicted or hoped for. The growth of the business has meant a move to a larger space with a re-opening this past spring The store was always beautiful, but its move made room for more inventory and included more square footage, higher ceilings and more light. To walk into Shoppe 14 is to escape to something you would find in Uptown Minneapolis or maybe even in a dream.


If you haven’t been to Shoppe 14, the reasons for going are endless. Like the wide variety of unique and lovely comfortable furnishings, decor and fun gifts, and what’s maybe even more appealing? The open-hearted friendly atmosphere that comes naturally to John and Janette. Both are welcoming hosts and adventurous spirits with stories to tell, about life in Montana (John) or trips to Antarctica, Alaska, Nova Scotia and journeys to Greenland and Siberia dogsledding have been most prominent (Janette). The list goes on and on, and includes the North and South Poles. (Janette is Bi-Pole-er, meaning she has trekked across miles and miles on foot and dogsled to BOTH the North and the South Poles!)

When asked how United Minnesota Bank has supported their endeavor, Janette explains the faith the staff has had in her ability to continue to grow her business. Taking out any kind of loan was not something Janette had needed or wanted to do ever before. That’s not how she grew her successful business in Ohio. But her dreams grew and the bank staff continued to prove that they too could be trusted. “They are truly my hometown bank…they know what’s happening in town and they are just up the street from us. They have seen my character and didn’t hesitate to borrow me money.”

This first loan was paid back in just one year, giving the bank even more reason to work with Janette and John on another loan when they made their big move across the street.

Most likely, they’ll see that money returned to them quickly as well, that’s how Janette does things. And who knows what we’ll see Shoppe 14 and its team do in the future! United Minnesota will be there to help in any way we can.




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