Customer Spotlight: Goat Ridge Brewing Company

As summer approaches, brewery enthusiasts are beginning their tours and making their way to our very own Goat Ridge Brewery.  Tucked down the hill from Main Street, and next to the rushing waters of the Crow River, near the dam in New London, our brewery is a popular destination.

Co-owners Josh Reed and Kelly Asche, brought a dream to fruition via the usual path to starting a small business: blood, sweat and tears. But because of this small town’s creative and supportive community members, Goat Ridge was also brought to life with laughter, the hard working hands and feet of volunteers, fundraisers and encouragement.

United Minnesota Bank is honored to have been a part of that endeavor  two years ago, in trusting Josh and Kelly’s vision and attention to detail in their business plan, and providing them with a loan.

“…we appreciate their (United Minnesota Bank) enthusiasm for our business. Even though they are taking on some risk with us, they were just as excited as us when we were building the brewery and are as supportive as ever during our expansion. They have also given us a lot of patience and flexibility as we try to navigate the financial and business ups and downs typical of first time business owners.” – Kelly Asche

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Goat Ridge, it’s time. Check out the beautiful addition to the space, the new landscaping and have a brew or two.

If you’re a non-drinker, have no fear. There is more than “beer from here,” including ginger ale, root beer and cold press coffee. You can order take-out and delivery from local eateries and sit outside, on the deck or in a cozy inside corner.

Goat Ridge has a welcoming, laid back atmosphere and provides space for your community events while constantly coming up with creative events of its own. (Trivia Nights, Pints and Policy, Open Mic, Game Nights, old-style DJ-ing, silent films set to music, and more!) That’s because this brewery has been, and always will be, a space for community, connection and conversation. Invite your friends, and enjoy one of the best places to visit in west central Minnesota.

More to know:

Calendar for excellent live music and other events

The Goat Ridge Story on PBS Postcards


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